"Take Five:  An Interview with Tension"

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In the presence of TENSION I've been looking forward next most PSYCHOTIC WALTZ. Simply because I could see Tom Gattis previously only once with his former band WARDOG on the Bang Your Head Festival. And Tom Gattis metal, as I like to call him, is an extremely happy subgenre is heard in the house Andrae. And as Tom Gattis at the outset the hymn 'One Nation Underground' skin out, it is clear that this will be a very thrilling performance. To my great joy is the number of those who already partying completely unrestrained that number is very large. A situation that incites already appeared before euphoric high musicians on stage to another. 'Wrecking Crew' is programmatic because TENSION show enthusiasm when it comes to all combatants today, where the rubber meets the road. It is a pleasure to the gentlemen fresh and experienced up there on the boards, which means the metal to be seen swirling around. No sign of aging or boredom. Here one notices at any second, how hot the band is currently playing. Those who in the network with samples to be pursued in recent months expect a lot, but this surpasses all expectations here. Beforehand I was curious if the band would play only the superb material of the album. The next number to answer this question. 'Death Dentence' comes from the never officially released "Epitome" EP from 1987. The numbers are a bonus disc of this blockbuster on the "Epitaph" Silberling. My neck hurts. Here comes the epic "Angels From The Past 'as a very welcome respite. Against hoarseness next day but unfortunately this number is also unsuitable. Again and again the question buzzing around in my head as to why the band in such materials in the hindquarters at that time could not run through. But for long ruminations can be a blast for the brand 'Shock Treatment' of course no time. You can tell how good the musicians are attuned to each other. That's blind trust. Here are namely only members from the early stages of the band on stage. Drummer Billy Giddings is the only constant member of all phases of DEUCE and TENSION, bassist Michael Francis, for ill Tim O'Connor has stepped relatively short notice, was also a time DEUCE woofer and Zweitklampfer Petio Petev Tom has been supported by BALLISTIC. You see, there is no random musicians, but all of them former colleagues, the spirit of the relevant time have in mind are. Sensational. And then a very old chestnut like the following piece-DEUCE 'Telemann's 3rd' only win. I am a second little hole in the back and am amazed to know how many geeks in the audience this number appear. If you consider that the number is already in the late '70s, one can almost call it visionary. Next to the beat it goes with the famous 'Seduced' to us the speed killer 'Reach For Your Sword' blows into nirvana. Then, unfortunately, is closing. Despite a frenetic demanded an encore. That would have liked to quite a while so on can go. For me, next to the Walt ZERN the absolute winner of the festival. Please come back soon!

Setlist: One Nation Underground, Wrecking Crew, Death Sentence, Angels From The Past, Shock Treatment, Telemann's 3rd, Seduced, Reach For Your Sword

[Holger Andrae]

METAL PROVIDER (April 3, 2012)
Metal Reviews "Tension: 25 Years Underground"

BLABBERMOUTH.NET  (March 7, 2012):
"Ex-MEGADETH Guitarist MARTY FRIEDMAN Featured In 'Tension: 25 Years Underground' Documentary"

TENSION:  25 Years Underground - Heavy Metal Documentary to Make World Premier

SHOCKWAVE MAGAZINE (Rick Harper, February 2012):
"TENSION - Epitaph (reissue) I don't use the term "legends" lightly. Deuce/Tension are local legends. They were destroying MD's clubs before a lot of you who are reading this were born. Everyone knows that this is one of the bands that spawned Marty Friedman. With their only album Breaking Point a distant memory this album is often overlooked when I find myself talking All-Time MD bands & their releases. Last Spring I was a little surprised to see that Tom Gattis & Billy Giddings had brought the band back together for a series of one off gigs leading up to a festival appearence at Germany's KEEP IT TRUE Festival. The first of these shows was the DEFENDERS of the OLD Fest at Sonar in November. Epitaph is a collection of all that is/was great about Tension. The cd starts with the classic Breaking Point album & includes a bunch of live & unreleased tracks. One Nation, Wrecking Crew, Reach for Your Sword, and my personal favorite Angels From the Past are all here! Tom Gattis writes new liner notes for the cd and new photos have also been added to the silver bordered booklet. The original pressing of the Epitaph cd was extremely limited. Don't miss out on owning a copy of this MD metal masterpiece. The cd is available through e-mailing Metalgrind Productions. RBH - STAMP OF METAL APPROVAL!"

THE BALTIMORE SUN (October 28, 2011): 
"Tom Gattis: Ready to unleash Tension again at 47"

HEAVY:  Article in the German magazine HEAVY, issue #136 September/October 2011 issue.